Welcome to my online gallery.  Here you will find images of paintings that I have done in the past.  If you are looking for original paintings to purchase, please visit my store and click on original artwork.  There you will find everything I have available for sale directly through me.  Most of the images you see here are paintings that have already been sold, or sent out to galleries.  Enjoy my online gallery!


From dark intense stormy skies to big puffy clouds, I try to capture the mood of the landscape. It is, after all, alive.


These paintings are of wildlife, animals and humans. I try to capture the innocence, the intensity and curiosity of life in general.

Abstract Landscapes

My Surreal landscape series is something I have been working on for years. The trees around us stand in one spot for hundreds of years. Imagine the changes they would see if they had eyes. The land changes, the color changes even the tree itself changes.

Misty Forest Landscapes

There is nothing similar to the feeling you get when you sit alone deep in the forest. Listening to water from a brook off in the distance, the breeze through the leaves up above, your instincts come to life.

Barns and other Structures

They've lived here in Northern Maine longer than a lot of us. The barns of "The County" have many stories to tell. Some of good times, and some of bad. You can see the toll time has taken on them.